Why you should still travel to Turkey (even if you think you don’t)

People have different reasons not to travel to Turkey. Some are not familiar with the fabulous things Turkey has to offer as a destination. Others feel there has been too much bad news about Turkey in the press. We have no aspirations at all to get political. After all, we are here to inspire you to travel. And in this case, we want to inspire you to travel to Turkey. Because believe it or not, if you are not even considering Turkey for your holidays, you’re missing out! Here’s why.

Turkey has something for everyone

In all honesty, we can’t think of any activity that Turkey doesn’t have to offer when on holiday. But, is Turkey safe to travel, you might ask? You can read all about the risks of traveling to Turkey in this post. Turkey is a country for beach lovers and hikers, for history freaks and adventure seekers, for sailors and nature people, for yoga practitioners and party people, for foodies and art aficionados. Turkey is the perfect destination for a package holiday and for off the beaten path trekkers. It is a country of contrasts, with many faces. And it is fascinating because of it. Turkey is beautiful, authentic, friendly and welcoming. And did we mention safe?

Faralya Botanica


Datça, Knidos

What about the bad press about Turkey?

Granted, the news about Turkey wasn’t always positive this past year. There is no use in denying that. But why should this keep you from traveling to Turkey? Some say they do not agree with the turn the country is taking and avoid to travel to Turkey as a principle. Just ask yourself who is missing out here? First of all, you are. For denying yourself the beauty Turkey has to offer as well as the chance to experience first hand what it is like in Turkey. More importantly, the numerous Turkish families that make a living from tourism are suddenly struggling to survive.

Turks are proud people, they won’t easily talk about their problems, but from time to time you overhear a conversation between hotel owners or other people working in the tourist industry. And their story is always similar: they used to work hard and were able to buy something for themselves and build a strong business. Now they work even harder and hope to survive. And the sad part is (and any tourist still coming to Turkey will confirm that) the country is still the same as it was before all the bad press started, only with fewer tourists.




Now is the best time to come to Turkey

If you haven’t been to Turkey yet, now is the time to come and visit. Come to Turkey and discover the beauty of this country and its people. Turkey is home to many things, so you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Turkey is home of Cappadocia

Hot Air Balloons Cappadocia Turkey

Turkey is home of Pamukkale


Turkey is home of Ephesus

Celsus Library Sunset Picture

Celsus Library Sunset Picture

Turkey is home of Istanbul


And Turkey will be home to you!

If this post has inspired you and you’re eager to start planning your trip, take a look at all our Turkey travel tips when planning your itinerary. You’ll also find a handpicked selection of authentic places to stay to enhance your Turkey experience. There is only one thing you might regret when visiting Turkey: that you hadn’t done it sooner! Still not convinced? Read this solo travelers’ guide to Turkey to discover how he almost instantly fell in love with the country, or Ana’s 10 Reasons to visit Turkey despite the unrest. Looking for Turkey travel resources? We’ve got you covered with our post about all you need to know to prepare your trip to Turkey!

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