When in Turkey, make sure to have an authentic Turkish breakfast. It is what the Turks call a köy kahvaltı; where köy stands for village and kahvaltı means breakfast. In short, it is a traditional breakfast with mostly organic or homegrown and homemade food. It is like we said in the title relaxing, authentic and healthy. And if you ask us, the perfect way to start the day! But beware: Turkish breakfast is copious and probably not at all what you might expect to find on a breakfast table. No worries, we’ve made the sacrifice of having one for the sake of this blog post. 🙂 And we chose a place near Fethiye where the village breakfast is delicious and comes with a bonus: a museum full of nomadic artifacts: Fethiye Yörük Müzesi.

Yörük Müzesi Fethiye Garden

Yörük Müzesi Fethiye Garden

A traditional Turkish breakfast in an authentic village

Even if we tell you about what having a köy kahvaltı in Turkey is like, adding the pictures to show you what to expect, you will still be overwhelmed by the number of delicacies displayed on your breakfast table.

Traditionally, you have your Turkish breakfast with tea and drink your coffee after breakfast. Fun fact: this is where the word kahvaltı comes from: kahve altı; before or under coffee.
 Of course, there are plenty of places serving breakfast all over the country. Eating, in general, is a big deal and having a morning meal that almost gets you through the entire day is a bit of a ritual. What are the spreads to expect for your breakfast? Depending on where you have it, some personal touches are added. At Fethiye Yörük Müzesi, your meal will consist of eggs, maybe with sucuk (a spicy Turkish sausage), cucumber, fresh tomatoes, black and green olives, organic and homemade jams, home-baked bread, an assortment of cheeses, village honey and kaymak (a sort of thick cream), and plenty more. By the time you finish your breakfast, morning will have turned to noon! 🙂

Yörük Müzesi Fethiye Traditional Turkish Breakfast

Yörük Müzesi Fethiye Traditional Turkish Breakfast

Now, if this doesn’t get your day started, we are unsure as to what will. Having Turkish breakfast isn’t just about the meal, it is a social thing as well. It is about spending time around the same table, enjoying good food and great conversations. We might as well confess, we’ve changed the world numerous times over Turkish breakfast, to us, it is the foodies equivalent of a good, invigorating massage. You go back home a different person. 🙂

A breakfast place housing a museum

Now that you are convinced that having an authentic Turkish village breakfast should be part of your Turkey experience, please promise us you will pick the right setting. Unfortunately, we can’t feature all places, but we are quite confident that anything vaguely rural will be a good choice. If you are having a holiday in the Fethiye area, you could head to Fethiye Yörük Müzesi for a delicious breakfast with a splash of Turkish history and culture. The owner has an impressive gathering of nomadic artifacts on display free of charge. You can see that his ever-growing collection has been curated with a profound love for the yörük (or nomads), perfect if you like to dive into a countries’ background.

Yörük Müzesi Fethiye Donkey Saddles

Yörük Müzesi Fethiye Donkey Saddles

It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In Turkey, it can last up until half a day, but it is well worth it. Although breakfast venues are generally busy during the weekends, you do not need an excuse to have yours on any other day of the week. It is the perfect way to taste Turkish culture!

Practical information to visit Fethiye, Turkey

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The nearest airport is Dalaman which has easy connections with Istanbul airports if required. You’ll find cheap flight options here.

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