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Life In Spring at Saranda Cove In Söğüt Köyü

Are you traveling to Marmaris?

This is where you’ll find the best off-the-beaten-path tips for things to do in Marmaris.

There’s so much to see and do in and near Marmaris. We trust that you’ll find the boat trips and jeep safaris without our help. On this page, we’ll take you on a tour of great day trips from Marmaris to places you may have overlooked. Expect stunning nature, authentic villages, and fascinating ancient sites.

Admiring The Catch Of The Day

Marmaris vs. the Bozburun Peninsula

A tour of the Bozburun Peninsula: one of the top things to do in Marmaris! Featured

About the BOZBURUN Peninsula

All too often, people refer to the entire Bozburun Peninsula as Marmaris. If you are traveling to Marmaris, it’s important to know that the Bozburun Peninsula is an entity of its own consisting of several resorts and towns, all with a totally different vibe and identity.

If you do your homework before traveling, you’ll notice that there’s something for all tastes and budgets in the Marmaris area. Having the perfect Marmaris holiday is simply a matter of picking the resort that is right for you.

Not sure what the difference between the Bozburun Peninsula resorts is? We’ve got you covered!

Things to do in Marmaris

Top 10 trips

# 1 – Bozburun Peninsula

# 2 – Knidos

# 3 – Datça & Datça Winery

# 4 – Kaunos

# 5 – Sedir Island

# 6 – Muğla

# 7 – Kameriye Island

# 8 – Akyaka

# 9 – Köyceğiz

# 10 – Stratonikeia

Sight Seeing 49

Explore the ancient sites near Marmaris

Are you a history buff? Do you like your culture shot during your travels? You won’t be disappointed if you’ve picked Marmaris as your base. There are lots of fascinating ancient sites within easy driving distance from Marmaris. Check them out below, or click through to the detailed post to discover each ancient site in detail and add them to your list of things to do in Marmaris.

Detail Of The Reconstructed Harbor Heroon
Detail Of The Crown Of The Fountain Of Boulakrates


Kaunos, Turkey should be on your list; not just to sail past its Lycian Tombs. Go and explore it! If you don’t, this is what you are missing out on.


Knidos ancient site sits at the edge of the Datça peninsula. It’s an explosion of turquoise waters, 2 harbors, a windswept lighthouse, and sea view ruins.



When visiting Stratonikeia in Turkey you step into Greek and Ottoman history, but also in today’s village life. Well worth a stop!


Are you looking to discover the non-touristy Muğla? Lagina ancient site and its Hekate Temple are under the radar places waiting to be seen!


Beçin Caste

Beçin Castle is a place that most people admire from a distance. Visible from the main Milas – Muğla road, this gem offers so much more than meets the eye!


Have you been to Iasos near Bodrum? If not, check it out in this post. You’ll start making plans for a visit right away! Waterside dining and ruins combined!

Stunning Nature

Sedir Island Home To Cleopatra Beach & Kedrai Ancient Site Featured

Sedir Island

Why visit Sedir Island? For its crystal clear, turquoise blue waters, white sandy beach, the ruins of Kedrai & the legend of Cleopatra & Anthony!  -> READ MORE

Kameriye Island When Wishes Come True On Marmaris Boat Trips Featured

Kameriye Island

Kameriye or Kamelya Island: where century-old wish trees are the colorful evidence of Marmaris boat trips dream seekers. Such a romantic place!  -> READ MORE

Reed Playing In The Wind

Sometimes you need to taste the country. Literally.

Did you know that Turkey is home to some delicious wines? Tasting Turkish wines is a great way to familiarize yourself with the local produce. Check out these wine routes in Turkey, and a great winery near Marmaris open to visitors.

Explore authentic villages near Marmaris

You’ll find a few lovely and authentic villages and towns as a day trip from Marmaris. These are places with extraordinary charm, away from the hustle and bustle, a quaint and perfect change of scenery from the Marmaris area. Discover them below, and click through to the detailed post to start planning your excursions and add these towns to your list of things to do in Marmaris.

Spinning Wool
Close Up From A Basket House Window And Clay Pad Walls

Slow Cities

Lake Köyceğiz, the non-touristy gate to Kaunos Featured


Köyceğiz, Turkey: A budget-friendly lakeside paradise near Kaunos hiding a 14th-century mosque in the woods! Awaken the discoverer within!


A perfect day trip to Akyaka, at the Gulf of Gökova


Akyaka is Turkey’s second Cittaslow. Discover the perfect day trip from Marmaris, Bodrum or Fethiye combining architecture, beach life & food heaven!


Beautiful Towns

Mugla's Untapped Potential 5 Insider Tips For A Perfect Trip Featured


Discover Muğla’s whitewashed houses in cobbled streets & Ottoman grandeur within walking distance. Authentic Turkey at its best!


Datça Featured


Datça is the place in Turkey where the Mediterranean meets the Aegean. And where you will meet the beauty of Turkey in all its aspects: quaint & untouched!


More things to do in Marmaris


Of course, we shouldn’t forget to mention Marmaris town on this list of things to do in Marmaris! After all, the town itself has a lot to offer. Count on stunning views, excellent wining, dining, and shopping options, and a healthy dose of culture on top of that.

Click here for the gorgeous sites to visit in Marmaris.

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