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Is Xanthos, Turkey worth a visit?

Is Xanthos, Turkey worth a visit?

A while back we told you to forget about Unesco in our post about Tlos. In that same post, we mentioned Xanthos as being part of the Lycian league, and a Unesco World Heritage site. In that perspective, it wouldn't be fair just to claim you can forget about Unesco, without actually showing you what you would miss out on if you did. After all, who are we to tell you what to do? Objectivity demands we let you ...
Hidden behind a small enchanted forest: Pınara!
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Hidden behind a small enchanted forest: Pınara!

It's strange how one of the six principal cities from Lycia can be almost invisible, while in plain sight. Still, that is the case with Pınara. Perched high up on a mountain, you won't easily spot the city from a distance. And despite its size, the entrance is hidden behind the most enchanting little forest, making it all the more magical to explore this beautiful Lycian site. Words that come to mind when ...
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