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Snow in Turkey

Turkey as a winter destination: snow & beach in one day
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Turkey as a winter destination: snow & beach in one day

Are you craving for the beach in winter? Or would you rather hear the sound of fresh snow under your feet? What if you could have both within less than half an hours' drive? Welcome to Turkey as a winter destination!Turkey: meeting point for sun seekers and snow lovers Granted, Turkey is a big country, and not everywhere in the country will you be able to combine a beach holiday with snow walks or ...
Taka Ev

Taka Ev

Taka Ev is your ultimate Cappadocia dream hotel. It is situated up on the hill in Üçhisar, offering breathtaking views of Pigeon Valley, all the way down to Göreme. The owner Murat speak a ton of languages and is an incredible resource when it comes down to organizing your stay and preparing your trip to Cappadocia. As a local, he will let you in on the do's and don'ts when visiting Cappadocia.The cave ...
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