Slow Travel: Always Take the Scenic Route

This is such a beautiful sentence. It happens to say a lot about what Slow Travel is all about. There are plenty of ways to reach your destination, just as there are many ways to get out and about once you have reached your destination. Depending on the choices you make, you might get to see an entirely different landscape. Traveling by plane is convenient, but it alienates you from your actual journey. But even we understand that nowadays it might not be possible for people just to hike or bike their way to another continent. So even planes can fit into a Slow Travel experience, after all, it’s all about what you do once getting off the plane.

Snow walk in Turkey

All about the journey

Using public transport is a perfect way of integrating. Then again, when on the underground, you won’t get to see much of the city above. Still, it gives you an insight into a town on a different level, even literally! The perfect way to get around is to use various means of transportation, depending on your destination. There are some obvious choices like walking, biking, trains, and buses, but some locations offer boat taxi’s, tuk-tuks or even donkeys. All of which will give you an entirely different experience of that same destination. And we haven’t yet talked about what you are going to do once your transport has reached its stop. This is all about the journey!

Horse and Carriage

Let’s face it, when on holiday, at one point or another, you’ll want to go from point A to point B. We believe you might just as well enjoy that trip. Don’t take the highway, take the scenic route. It will make your vacation more beautiful. Of course, you want to see the famous landmarks, but take the time to enjoy the landscape in between. You might find it has a lot to offer. That is the beauty of traveling: feeling that you are away from home, every step of the way.

Take Turkey for example. It’s a BIG country. So you might be tempted to always take the highways, or even travel by plane. Of course, if you have to make the heartbreaking choice between being able to stay longer in one place or spend more time on a scenic road, things can get tricky. But let’s assume that – by doing a little research – you find alternative routes that take about the same amount of time as the fast lane. Would you be adventurous and take them? Here’s an example: when driving from Ölüdeniz to Kalkan you have two options. Either you take the main road that goes through Fethiye and then to Kalkan at the back of Babadağ and the neighboring mountains. What will you see? Nothing special.

There is an alternative to that itinerary that takes you over the mountains. Agreed, it is a bumpy road. But boy will you be rewarded! The views are fantastic, the scenery idyllic. And you even drive past a beautiful little ancient site with Lycian Tombs called Sidyma. Granted, this does mean that you will spend longer time en route, as you are bound to stop and suck it all in. The question is: isn’t this what traveling is all about?

Taking the scenic route is an incredibly rewarding way to travel. Being a responsible traveler while you are it, even more so. Here are 25 tips for responsible traveling we absolutely love. Small things do make a difference, it’s all about choosing what path to follow. 🙂

Practical information

For those of you wanting to spend more time in the Ölüdeniz/Kalkan area, there is no shortage of charming places to stay:

The nearest airport to Ölüdeniz is Dalaman or Antalya if you are in the Kalkan area. Both airports have easy connections with Istanbul airports if required. You’ll find cheap flight options here.

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