5 fail-proof tips to prepare your property for dazzling rental photography

We’ve already mentioned it in our post with tips on how to get more bookings for your Turkish rental property: you need the best rental photography ever! Why? Studies prove that properties with professional photographs sell a lot faster and for a significantly higher price than those that advertise with amateur photos. The same applies to holiday rentals.

People are willing to spend on their dream vacation, but you’re the one that is going to have to sell it to them. And you need professional photos to achieve that. Still, there’s only so much a photographer can do; it is up to you to make sure your house looks at its best. After all, a photographer isn’t a decorator, nor a gardener or a cleaning lady.

With the following tips, you’ll be able to prepare your property for awe-inspiring rental photography that will help you to boost your bookings.

1. Prepare your rental as if guests were coming

Prepare Your Rental For Rental Photography As If Guests Were Coming

Prepare Your Rental For Rental Photography As If Guests Were Coming

We’re assuming that when guests arrive, your property is spic and span. There’s no junk lying around, the beds are made, the garden is well maintained, and the pool water is crystal clear. These are the minimum requirements that apply for rental photography too. Consider the photographer, and more specifically, his camera, as a guest. Only this guest is even more demanding when it comes to the looks of your property. The camera doesn’t lie, and it reveals every single detail. That is why you need to pay attention to the following points as well if you want to maximize the result of your holiday rental photo shoot.

2. Declutter: minimalism is your friend (in most cases)

Declutter For Rental Photography

Declutter For Rental Photography

Rooms look more spacious without clutter. There’s no need to leave all small kitchen appliances on the counter, for example, that’s what descriptions are amenity lists are for. Remove most of the small appliances from your kitchen counter; you can always highlight your fancy juicer or espresso machine in a detailed shot. Make sure the trashcan is out of sight, dishcloths are hidden, and the fridge doesn’t have your impressive magnet collection on display. While these may all be details that are overlooked if you’re standing in the room, a photograph makes these aspects stand out negatively.

3. Pay extra attention to details

Pay Extra Attention To Details For Rental Photography

Pay Extra Attention To Details For Rental Photography – The Camera Can Look Under The Kitchen Cabinets

Take your time to prepare your house and use eagle eyes. Every detail matters. Straighten the curtains, iron your sheets, rearrange your pillows and stack your magazines with military precision. Check if all the lights work. You don’t want to discover there’s a problem the moment it is time for your fabulous sunset shot. It’s all about making an impression, preferably a lasting one.

Remember that the camera often looks at things from a different perspective; you need not only spotless mirrors but also a clean situation under the hood. If something is broken, repair it or remove it. These things give a poor impression and will put people off. Aim for perfection. It’s the only way to stand out online and to make sure that your efforts also pay off.

4. Add a splash of color

Add A Splash Of Color For Rental Photography

Add A Splash Of Color For Rental Photography

People want to feel the happy summer vibes splashing off your photographs. Use some color and a few nice accessories to dress your vacation rental. There’s no need to overdo it, but staging your property is part of the game. Use fruit, fresh juice, or wine to create the right setting. Put some vibrant towels on the sun loungers, and maybe even add a magazine or book and some sunglasses. Flowers on the table can be nice, as are candles or tealights for an evening shot.

5. Use a professional photographer

Use A Pro For Rental Photography

Use A Pro For Rental Photography

There’s more to making good photographs than the right preparation and using a good camera. Photography is a skill, and using a professional photographer specialized in rental photography makes all the difference. A professional knows how to frame each room, how not to overdo it during post-production, and how to deliver photos with a light setting that is spot on. Do it right the first time, use a pro!

If you want your property to stand out, you need excellent rental photography. A professional photoshoot is what makes the difference. All that people have to rely on are the reviews and the photos. And nobody will read the reviews if they haven’t clicked on your ad first! A photoshoot of your property by Aegean Images is an affordable way to display exceptional rental photography. You will get a return on investment as soon as you generate your first booking! Check out his portfolio and ask for a quote, you’ve got nothing to lose. He specializes in real estate photography in southern Turkey.

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