Why visiting Pedasa is one of the best things to do in Bodrum, Turkey

Visiting Pedasa? Well yes, the heart of the Bodrum peninsula hides an ancient site. And the hike up there alone is worth the trip! Bodrum is a famous tourist hub. For most people, it’s all about the turquoise sea, sand, beaches, nightclubs, fancy restaurants, top class hotels, and yachts. Others are attracted by its rich history and can’t wait to visit Bodrum Castle, the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus and Myndos Gate; all high up on the list of famous Bodrum landmarks. Few people know about Pedasa, one of the oldest civilizations of the Aegean, nestled high up in the Bodrum hills, just off Konacık.


Hiking to Pedasa offers some of the best Bodrum vistas

Granted, working your way up to Pedasa on a hot August day might not sound like the brightest idea. The good news is the hike to Pedasa offers plenty of protection from the sun by pine trees. And there are eleven more months to hike to Pedasa if August is too hot for you. But if you like history and ancient sites, especially when they are surrounded by nature, then you won’t be disappointed, we promise! There are several routes to Pedasa, all equally interesting and beautiful. We have highlighted two walks on the map at the bottom of this article, one of which starts from the Yalıkavak – Torba road, near the fire brigade station. The other one takes you past an improvised wish-tree. Be ready to be wowed and – once you start your climb up to Pedasa’s inner Castle area – breath-taken! 🙂


Ancient Pedasa lifts you above the Bodrum buzz

Once you have reached your destination, the typical Bodrum buzz is far away. Pedasa takes you back to early times, with a view of today’s Bodrum below and a pleasant scenery to soak in all around you. Pedasa was one of the more significant Lelegian cities and famous for its wine. It is said that Bodrum Castle has been built with stones taken from Pedasa. Legend has it Pedasa was one of the toughest cities to conquer, and we can see why: it must have been almost impossible to approach it without being seen. It’s an eagles’ nest with a 360° view of the peninsula.


Practical information

If you dislike hiking, you’ll be happy to learn that Pedasa is also accessible by car. Don’t get too excited though. You will still have to do your fair bit of climbing if you want to see the actual remains of the ancient city. So wear walking shoes, or at least don’t wear flip-flops.

Bear in mind that the long hike takes a couple of hours, so make sure to start early enough, especially out of season when the days are shorter. That will allow you plenty of time on site, while you will stay have enough daylight to make your way back down.

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The nearest airport is Bodrum Milas which has easy connections with Istanbul airports if required. You’ll find cheap flight options here.

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Why Visiting #Pedasa Is One Of The Best Things To Do In #Bodrum, #Turkey