Things we love about Fethiye, Turkey
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Things we love about Fethiye, Turkey

Google Fethiye, Turkey and you’ll have plenty of search results telling you what the ‘Best things to do in Fethiye’ are. The truth is, there are so many things one can do in Fethiye, they won’t fit into a single blog post. So we won’t tell you what to do. Instead, we will show you why we love Fethiye, though it wasn’t love at first sight. To us, Fethiye is home. And that is how we want you to feel when you visit Fethiye: at home, no matter what you plan on doing.


The still waters of Fethiye

You may not realize it at first, but walking on the promenade (kordon) along the waterside in Fethiye is a soothing experience. Yes, it sounds plain, but you have to experience it to know how relaxing it truly is, particularly out of season. The reason is obvious: Fethiye has a natural harbor, protected by a long bay, a forested peninsula and a pretty little island called Şövalye Adası. Hence, most of the time your seaside walks in Fethiye are of an unequaled serenity. The peaceful feeling sneaks in, and before you know it, you are hooked!




Also, Fethiye is a low-key working city, with fishermen mending their nets next to gület owners waiting to take you on a boat trip. The kordon is a happy mixture of waterside cafes and restaurants, and a few marinas, all enjoying the gorgeous backdrop of pine clad mountains, tiny islands, and the glittering sea. It is the perfect spot for a walk at any time of the day or week. The Fethiye promenade is where you go for a long and typically Turkish breakfast with sea view, but also for a stroll and a çay (Turkish tea) amongst the locals at the Belediye çay bahçesi (the town council tea house).




The rich history of Fethiye

When traveling, never cease to be amazed. It is a beautiful quote that will be easy to live by when in Fethiye. Turkey has a rich historical heritage and Fethiye is no exception to that. In Fethiye, ancient remains are part of daily life. Fethiye has emerged on Lycian soil, and one of its famous landmarks, the tomb of Amynthas is still overlooking the bay. The tomb dates back to the 4th century BC and from its location, you’ll have a stunning view of the city below.


Now tell us, how often will you encounter a Lycian sarcophagus as a roundabout? Probably not that often. But you will in Fethiye, and just like it did with us, it will put a smile on your face. As will discovering people putting up their laundry on the fence of a Lycian graveyard.


And since not all historical artifacts can be left where they were found, Fethiye Müze has become home to some amazing pieces that have been recovered from the many ancient sites in the Fethiye area. In the museum, you will find statues, ceramics, coins, jewelry, and other archaeological finds from the sites of Letoon, Xanthos, and Tlos amongst others.


The natural surroundings of Fethiye

Coming to Fethiye, Turkey you will be amazed at the natural surroundings. You won’t find any high-rise buildings, and apart from the city center, you’ll see that it is still nature all around. In winter time, snow and beach are only 15 minutes apart. And the lovely bays in the whole area are virtually deserted. Fethiye is the perfect place for hikers of all sorts, from a modest hike in the forests to one or all legs of the Lycian Way, which has its starting point in Fethiye, Turkey.



The perfect place to suck in the views is Babadağ’s summit. Up there, you get a genuine feel of how pristine Fethiye’s surroundings really are. That view is probably one of the main reasons this is such a popular spot for paragliders.


And then we haven’t even mentioned Butterfly Valley, Ölüdeniz, and its blue lagoon or Kayaköy yet!



The authenticity of Fethiye

Yes, this is – on top of all the previous things – probably one of the most important reasons why people love Fethiye. It is authentic. Despite the fact that it welcomes many tourists each year, despite being home to many expats, it is genuine. Being in Fethiye in being immersed in what Turkey is all about. The small streets of Fethiye’s old town Paşpatur turn more silent in winter, but Fethiye is never deserted. Local markets and the fish market are buzzing with activity all year, and Fethiye is as much a destination loved by Turks as it is by foreigners. Trust us when we say you will be made welcome in Fethiye!



Enjoying the fresh produce and all locals scents and colors in Fethiye.



Practical information for visiting Fethiye, Turkey

Keen on coming and checking out for yourself? Check out things to do in Fethiye on TripAdvisor and have a look at their hotels and vacation rentals if you want a charming place to stay in Fethiye.

The nearest airport is Dalaman which has easy connections with Istanbul airports if required. You’ll find cheap flight options here. Or you can use the search widget on the side to quickly find the most affordable and best flights available.

And because a specialized travel guide is worth a lot, we recommend these 2 area specific guides:



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