How to get more bookings for your Turkish rental property

Do you own a rental property in Turkey? Then you know the struggle for bookings is real. But how to get more bookings? In this post, we’ll give you 10 pro-tips to boost your bookings. And the good news is that it won’t cost you a fortune! These are simple tricks to increase your online visibility and to make people click on your listing. With a little effort and some common sense, you’ll be reaching a lot more people.

How To Get More Bookings In 10 Easy Steps

How To Get More Bookings In 10 Easy Steps

How to get more bookings for your rental in 10 steps

If you’ve been wondering how to get more bookings for your rental property in Turkey, you’ll love these 10 easy tips to boost your bookings!

1. Write a description that sells

Think about it; you’re not just providing a summary of amenities, you’re trying to connect with the person reading the description. Of course, it is important to specify the number of bedrooms & bathrooms or to provide an overview of the amenities. But you also need to show what sets your rental apart from anything else out there.

Is there anything that makes your house unique? What are the most attractive features of your rental? These are your selling points. Make sure to start your description with your strongest arguments, but don’t oversell. It is important to be accurate and honest. The last thing you want to do is to create expectations that won’t be fulfilled. Check out this post with a formula to write excellent rental descriptions.

2. Highlight positive reviews

Do you have raving reviews from previous renters? Make sure to include them. Social proof is important, and the best people to convince new potential renters are people who have already spent their holiday at your vacation rental. Review series from returning visitors get bonus points!

3. Invest in the look & feel of your rental

Invest In The Look And Feel Of Your Rental To Get More Bookings

Invest In The Look And Feel Of Your Rental To Get More Bookings

A vacation rental is a home away from home. Even if the reality is that people will be spending entire days at the beach or exploring the area, nobody wants to come home to a rental that looks like a monks cell. Outdated furniture or a total lack of decoration items put people off.

Create a unique identity for your rental without making it too personal. Renters aren’t interested in your family photos on the wall, but they will appreciate elegantly chosen ornamental features or quirky local crafts on display. There’s no need to spend a fortune, allocate a few hundred Lira to create the right atmosphere. Think of it as if your holiday home were a boutique hotel.

4. Upgrade the outdoor space

We know this is a tricky one. Maintaining a garden isn’t easy when you’re living in another country. But little things can have a big effect. A few well-chosen lanterns, some solar lamps, a boho hammock, and some driftwood you’ve scored on the beach will go a long way. In short, don’t neglect the outdoor space and go beyond what’s functional. After all, this is Turkey, and people will be living outside. A sundowner tastes so much better in the right setting!

5. Make the best photographs ever

Ask yourself why you click on some rental or property listings, and why you skip others. There’s almost nothing else to trigger you but that one photo. Having a set of photographs that stands out is essential to get more bookings. If your photos suck (pardon our French), you’re in trouble.

Now, don’t start taking any pictures before you’ve taken care of points 3 & 4 from our list. After all, you do want your rental to look at its best, and you want the photos to be recent. A fantastic featured photo for your rental listing is essential, but the truth is that the whole set needs to be spot on. These are the images that will, in essence, make or break the deal.

Make The Best Photographs Ever To Get More Bookings

Make The Best Photographs Ever To Get More Bookings

Your photos need to trigger people to start dreaming of a holiday in your property. People need to picture themselves watching that sunset by the pool. This means you want your rental to look at its best, and you want the photos to be processed professionally. Don’t overdo it during post-production! Some photos are so overly processed people are starting to doubt whether what they are looking at is real.

Unless you are a very gifted amateur photographer, this is something you should consider leaving in the hands of a professional. Trust us, a finger and a camera aren’t enough to create stunning pictures! For a very affordable fee, you can have a complete and professional set of pictures of your rental taken by Aegean Images, who specializes in real estate photography in southern Turkey. Check out his tips on how to prepare your property for dazzling rental photography.

6. Promote your property on social media

Get the word out! Show off your rental property on social media. There are all kinds of tactics to make sure people think of you when planning their next trip to Turkey. ‘Selling’ your property on social media is not only about sharing pictures about the house itself, but it’s also about selling the dream. Share rich content or articles about the area and mention that these places are only a short walk or a short drive away. This the perfect tactic to convince people that your property is their ideal holiday home.

Sell The Dream To Get More Bookings

Sell The Dream To Get More Bookings

7. Work with a professional agent

Of course, global internet access makes you feel as if your property abroad is only a short message away. And it is. But the reality is that it is impossible to manage a rental from abroad. You need someone on-site. Preferably your agent handles the advertising for you but also takes care of the practical side of things. A good agent or property manager has access to the right renters and is your eyes and ears abroad.

After all, you will want to know if there’s a problem with your property, and you do not want the person to notify you to be your renter. A trustworthy agent is essential if you want your rental business to be a success, and get more bookings. You will want to look for someone with a proven track of record. Someone who sets the standards just as high as you do, and who thinks that a spotless home and good communication with your guests are the perfect base for raving reviews.

8. Set a realistic price

Do your research and compare other villas and vacation rentals in the area to yours. What are the amenities? Where are they located? A realistic price ensures a higher occupancy, which should mean better revenue. If you’re outpricing yourself, you may have a hard time finding renters. And before you know it, the season is over, and you’ll have no reviews to attract new renters the next season.

9. Answer questions promptly

In this digital day and age, people expect swift replies. A prompt answer to a message or e-mail enhances trust; it is a sort of confirmation that people have made the right choice. Feel-good about a property starts with the first glimpse online, and it needs to continue until your renters leave their review. A speedy reply also helps to secure bookings, and considering you’re reading an article on how to get more bookings, this should be a good argument to hit the keyboard!

10. Advertise on the right channels

If you’re working with a professional agent, the chances are that they handle this aspect for you. If you’re taking care of advertising your vacation rental yourself, you need to do your homework to find the right channels. Who are your potential renters? Where do they come from? What media do they use? Several established online channels offer holiday homeowners an option to advertise their place. Think of, Airbnb or HomeAway, to name a few. Don’t forget that there’s a huge potential with Turkish travelers too! This is where a local agent makes the difference.

Work With A Professional Photographer To Get More Bookings

Work With A Professional Photographer To Get More Bookings

In short, if you want to get more bookings for your Turkish rental property, you need to make sure that your property stands out. A professional photoshoot makes all the difference. Apart from the reviews, it is all people rely on to decide whether they like your property or not. And remember, they won’t even get to read those great reviews if they haven’t clicked on your ad first!

A photoshoot of your property by Aegean Images is a budget-friendly way to get more bookings. Why? Because you’ll get to enjoy European standard professional photography at local prices. This means you’ll already get a return on investment with your first booking! Check out his portfolio and ask for a quote, you’ve got nothing to lose.

This article is an advertorial brought to you by Aegean Images