Fortune telling & the art of making authentic Turkish coffee
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Fortune telling & the art of making authentic Turkish coffee

Are you curious about what the new year will bring? This post has a delicious way for you to predict your future. With a step-by-step recipe for authentic Turkish coffee and a practical overview of how to read coffee grounds after that. In short, this is the perfect way to start the new year, especially for coffee aficionados and aspiring fortune tellers. 🙂

Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee

The secret of preparing real Turkish coffee

We love coffee! And we have a favorite coffee house in Fethiye, Turkey. It’s a place that touches your heart and your senses. With an owner that lives, breathes and eats (correct) drinks coffee! They have an exceptional selection of coffees that are roasted and ground on site. And because this is Turkey, they serve a delicious Turkish coffee too. No matter what kind of coffee you like, you are spoiled. And lucky us (and you!), they were willing to let us in on their Turkish coffee secrets. Here’s how to prepare Turkish coffee step by step Köşe Kahve way.

Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee

First, make sure you know how your guests want their coffee. Contrary to other coffee, you prepare Turkish coffee with the sugar already in it. You have several versions: without sugar, with very little sugar, medium sweet (1-2 teaspoons), and sweet (3-4 teaspoons). (For those wanting to order it in Turkey, the Turkish version sounds like this: şekersiz or sade, az şekerli, orta, and şekerli.)

Secondly, you will need the right tools and accessories: a cezve, which is a particular pot with a wide bottom and usually made of copper, and of course, Turkish coffee cups. Keep all your ingredients and tools at hand. You will need Turkish coffee which is much more finely ground than regular coffee, filtered water, and sugar. The rest is easy, just take it slow, and make your Turkish coffee with love. ♥

Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee

How to prepare authentic Turkish coffee

  1. For each cup of coffee, take a heaping spoon of ground coffee (about 5gr) and put it in the cezve. If you need to prepare Turkish coffee with sugar, add the sugar as well.
  2. Measure the amount of water in the coffee cup you are going to use. Always use cold, filtered water and fill the cup. After that, add the water to the coffee in the cezve.
  3. Stir the mixture until combined.
  4. Slowly bring your Turkish coffee to a boil over medium heat.
  5. Stir gently now and then until your coffee develops a beautiful foamy layer on top.
  6. Slowly pour half a cup and put your cezve back onto the fire until the coffee comes to a boil again. Let it boil for about 15 seconds.

After that, fill your coffee cups and serve your authentic Turkish coffee with something sweet on the side and a glass of water.

Turkish coffee

Traditionally, Turkish coffee is served with a piece of Turkish delight. But anything sweet will do. You can serve dates, chocolate or a cookie; whatever your mood whispers to you. Speaking of cookies, in Turkey they don’t rely on fortune cookies to tell them what the future will bring. The art of reading coffee grounds though is widely spread, and taken very seriously.

Predicting the future reading coffee grounds

With 2018 knocking at the door, many are making plans for the future. Some guidance can be helpful, and that is where the fortune tellers come in. Reading coffee grounds is done all over Turkey, from a form of entertainment at the dinner table, to friends on their favorite cafe terrace and, of course, professionals specializing in tasseography. Nobody seems to care that it is in fact illegal. And the excuse most people use to practice it anyway is that they don’t believe in it. How to read coffee grounds?

  • always use a plain white cup, it makes it easier to read the grounds
  • drink your coffee, but not all the way to the bottom where the grounds are
  • make a wish
  • put your saucer on top of the coffee cup and make sure it is well-sealed
  • close your eyes and hold it in front of you,
  • make three swirling moves to spread the sediment around the entire cup
  • turn your coffee cup upside down on the saucer
  • give it to the fortune teller

Never (!) read your coffee grounds yourself and never let more than one person interpret them. The person reading the coffee grounds will leave the cup for about 5 minutes until the sediments have set and made their patterns onto the cup.

Turkish coffee

How to read coffee grounds?

After the sediments have set the cup reader gently removes the cup from the saucer. This part is already giving indications of what the future will bring. If saucer and cup are so well tight together that they can be lifted as one, all your wishes will come true. In fact, no more reading is needed at this point as you have what is called a ‘prophet’s cup.’ If the fallen grounds are at least one big chunk, rest assured that all worries are now in the past. Fallen coffee grounds in a pile predict money coming in! Now it is time to read the signs in the cup.

Coffee ground readings

Reading coffee grounds is not only about the challenge of finding the symbols in the sediments, but more advanced readers also know how to interpret them depending on where they are in the cup. This would take us too far, but we can recommend this book about reading coffee grounds that will explain in-depth how to interpret symbols and why.

As for the different symbols, one of the most famous brands for Turkish coffee, Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi Mahdumları, has a beautiful overview on their website to help you read the signs.

For now, all that’s left is wishing you a marvelous new year and a bright future! Why not make plans to come to Turkey and taste this delicacy in its homeland? We can predict you will have a wonderful time and memories to cherish!

On the Map Search page on this website, you’ll find the exact location of Köşe Kahve in Fethiye, Turkey.


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