The forgotten treasure of the Greek islands: Kastellorizo
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The forgotten treasure of the Greek islands: Kastellorizo

The Greek islands… They are the home of myths and typical houses, sun, ouzo, history, and island-hoppers. But even those island-hoppers often miss Kastellorizo on their venture, and that’s a shame… Because Kastellorizo is most probably the prettiest island in the Dodecanese.

Kastellorizo - Meis


Sleepy, colorful and very serene

Kastellorizo is small. Even when you are only there for the day, you don’t feel the need to rush things to see as much as you can. There will be enough time to take a walk around the narrow streets and the typical harbor, enjoying one mesmerizing view after another.


Kastellorizo - Meis

Kastellorizo - Meis

Rich history

This small island has a rich history. Being so close to Turkey that you could swim towards it, it was at one point in its history also part of the Ottoman Empire. That is why – aside from the typical Greek churches and chapels – you will also be welcomed by a mosque with its minaret.

Kastellorizo - Meis

Kastellorizo - Meis

A stroll along the cobblestone path

As impressive as the view of the harbor with it traditional neoclassical mansions is upon arrival, leaving the harbor area for a stroll further afield will be very rewarding. Nature is stunning and the views all the way to Turkey are scattered with small islands drifting in the turquoise sea. There is charm in abundance, and when visiting out of season, the island is so serene that you will hear yourself breathe. Especially if you decide to take the climb up the stairs of the remains of the castle to enjoy the view.

Kastellorizo - Meis

In short, Kastellorizo is the perfect slow travel island. It has a rhythm of its own, peaceful and welcoming. It is so distinctly Greek, yet with its own character. The view of the harbor and the houses in amphitheater shape that surround it is endearing and inviting. Kastellorizo has a color of its own that has been shaped by its situation, its history, its people and the interplay of the light onto the always present sea.

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Kastellorizo, the get ready to fall in love with Mediterraneo Megisti. This is the place where French Marie lost her soul many years ago. She turned this classic Greek building into the most delightful waterside boutique hotel. Are you looking for more information on Kastellorizo? Read what other travelers have to say on TripAdvisor and find more information on things to do in Kastellorizo.

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