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A visit to quaint Datça and ancient Knidos

Yes, quaint is one of the first words that come to mind when thinking about Datça in Turkey. Besides quaint, the Datça peninsula is also relatively untouched, of a stunning natural beauty, with plenty of coves and pristine beaches, home to Eski Datça (Old Datça) and Knidos, the ancient site at the

Turkey Culture

Tlos: the oldest Lycian city

Forget about Unesco. If your guidebook on Turkey doesn't say that Tlos is an exceptional site to visit, throw it away. :-) Yes, Unesco sites have an outstanding cultural or heritage value, but the list shouldn't result in you losing out on a remarkable place to visit just because it wasn't mentioned

Turkey Culture

Stratonikeia, a well-kept secret in Southern Turkey

Mid-way, between Milas and Muğla in Turkey lies Stratonikeia, a well-preserved ancient site from the Carian times. Stratonikeia was one of the most significant Carian cities, and it has been inhabited continuously since the Bronze Age. That's 1.500 BC! So how come you've never heard of it? Or you

Turkey Culture

Sidyma, Turkey: where cows pose next to Lycian Sarcophagi

Picture yourself visiting one of Turkey's many ancient sites. Are you on a guided tour or an excursion lead by a tour operator? Or are you somewhat looking for a more authentic experience and something off the beaten path? If you are interested in visiting a site that may be less impressive in size

Turkey Culture

Exploring abandoned Saint Nicholas Island, Turkey

We may have mentioned it before; there are plenty of things to do in Fethiye, Turkey. One of our favorite places to visit must be Saint Nicholas Island. It's a little, abandoned island just off the coast of Gemile beach, past Kayaköy. It is picture perfect and will appeal to culture freaks, history

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